Monday, December 5, 2011

And The Winner Is.. (Teaser)

She clasped my right hand with her steel like grip.

“Ouch” I let out a sharp wimp.

“I am so sorry” she replied softly, relaxing her grip a bit. Her gaze sieved through the crowd of rapturous crowd, who were howling and whistling to every movement of the couples on the floor looking for the person who was so important to her.

I bent close to her ears and spoke gently, “RELAX”. Her perfumed hair brushed against my eyebrows creating a tickling sensation.

For the first time in five minutes, she looked at me and smiled. At twenty five, she was best athlete I had seen in a long time or perhaps ever. Her perfect figure, coupled with jet black hair and milky white skin was enough to attract more than enough attention. I was lucky to have her.

As the couple in front of us finished their routine, the crowd gave them a muffled applause for their lousy performance. The best timing for us!!

“And next we have the beautiful and elegant couple, Arnie and Gaby” boomed a voice from the corner of the auditorium.

Beautiful and Elegant!! Those were the best words to egg us for our best performance. Gaby closed her left hand around mine and led me through to the center of the huge auditorium.

The crowd seemed to be charmed by Gaby’s beauty and literally whistling for us. The stakes were sky high for HER.

As we reached the center and took our position, I could feel Gaby’s hand shaking in deep fear. One wrong move and it was all over.

I knew that I had to make her feel confident, but with my own fears to conquer, I hardly had any extra energy to help her calm down. Finally I gathered all my courage and spoke in the couple of mini-seconds before the music started.

“You look really gorgeous, Princess” I spoke to her, with my gaze shifting from her eyes to her rosy lips.

“Handsome Prince” she replied with a smile as we both matched our steps to the music in the Stage one Salsa Dance Competition.