Friday, March 11, 2011


(Hi Guyz, Am back with short stories.. Hope you like this one!! Please do share your comments :) )

Am I really going to meet her?

My fingers trembled slightly crushing the Red Rose that delicately sat inside my palms. I fumbled for my comb inside my jeans pocket. Perhaps, I should have spiked my hair, but those days were long gone.

The beautiful dew drops held on preciously to the tip of the petals as I tried to smoother out the curled edges. She liked it that way. Simple and Beautiful.


“I love these” she took the flower and delicately pressed it against her thin rosy lips. I would present her with a beautiful Red Rose on all Saturdays.

“And Me?” I jumped in.

She looked a little offended. Her soft eyes penetrated my heart and nearly melted it. She just nodded her head with a wry smile. Doesn’t she like me?

She sat right next to me and put her head on my shoulders. The cool evening breeze slightly ruffled her silky braided hair. I smoothened the ruffled hair with my fingers, feeling the smoothness of her hair. Meera Sheekai at its best!


“Do you feel the energy?” she spoke disturbing the silent environment.

“Where.. What energy?” I looked at her little startled.

She gently closed my eyelids with her delicate hands.

“Blank your mind and try to see a black screen”

I tried to visualize it. Soon I gave up and as I opened my eyes, I could see her meditating, in a deep state of bliss. Her face radiated the peaceful energy about which she had told me earlier. She looked absolutely god-like, perhaps a GODDESS.


“Perhaps this is the last time we meet”, she spoke slowly. She was struggling to breathe.

“I cannot let you go”, I shouted at her.

“You are my life!! What I will do without you?” I responded trying to convince her to come back to me.

“He is waiting for me..” she gulped some precious oxygen and spoke in a hushed tone. “We had a good time together but all good things have to come to an end”

A tear glistened through my eyes and fell on her forehead. I gently kissed her and slid my mouth close to her ears.

“Do you love me?”

She gave the same reaction that she had given years ago. Her eyes shone ‘He will never understand my love’ look.

But I was determined to get an answer from her and peered deeply into the big black eyes. She opened her mouth slowly to speak and suddenly the light in her eyes dimmed and then vanished completely.


I straightened out the petals one last time before my number was called out. I had waited for this for 20 years.

I was finally meeting her again!!

I looked at the small counter near the huge golden gate. Everything around was pure white with not even a speck of dirt. I slowly walked up to the counter and peered through the heavy glass.

The person on the other side looked a typical bank clerk with neatly combed oily hair and clean shaven face.

Gosh!! I wished I had more hair now. As I slowly touched my bald head, I saw my youthful hair flourish on my head. I looked at a small mirror behind the man and saw that I had been completely transformed into what I was 40 years back.

At this point of time, the clerk person who had been filling out some details in his big book looked up and spoke, “It happens here, son”. I gently nodded.

Seeing the impatience grow on my face, he quickly asked my name. I quietly hissed my name.

“Oh!” He shifted his head ever so slightly and gave a wide grin which seemed reminiscent of her smile.

“You are all good”, came out the words I had been expecting for a long time. I proceeded towards the huge golden door expectantly and gently pushed it. Soon I would meet her.

“Son?”, came a sharp voice.

I turned towards the clerk giving him a quizzing look.

“Your mother told me that she LOVES you a lot, more than anybody else”.

It was my turn to give him a wide grin. “C151” he called out.

I nodded and spoke to myslef, “Amma, here I come to see you finally..” in HEAVEN.