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The Expected..

(This is the last part of the short story series. Please read the 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th part also)

Part 1 - Unusual Train Story

Part 2 - Ultimate B'day Gift

Part 3 - Last Message

Part 4 - Second Time


“How is he, doctor”, spoke a worried Tarika.

“He is good. No need to worry. I guess he got pretty emotional for something and
that pulled him down” assured the doctor.

“Oh ok. Thank you Doctor. Can I see him now?”

“Yes sure.. He is on sedatives now.. Don’t disturb him..”

“Sure doc.”

Tarika went to Sam’s room. She saw him sleeping peacefully. She went near him and gently ran her fingers through his hair. I have learnt an important thing from Sam thought Tarika. Sam moved his head a little. She took her hand off his hair and smiled at him. A nice fella.. thought Tarika. She gently closed the door behind her and sat down in the chair outside the room. Ram had come up to see Sam and saw Tarika sitting outside. He went inside the room and came back and sat near Tarika after 5 minutes.

“What is up with Sam… What happened?”, enquired Ram.

Tarika explained that Sam had come to her home and they were speaking about India and home and how Sam and she missed their home very much when Sam suddenly fell to the floor.

“Hmm.. I guess it’s better for Sam to go home now.” Spoke the ‘Major’.

“Can I also go, Ram? It’s been a year since I came here” politely requested Tarika.

“Hmm.. How can I replace two great resources?” Chuckled Ram. “Ok. You can start in a week after the transition is over”

“Thanks a ton Ram” Tarika smiled at him. Ram smiled back.

“Put on your seat belt..” Tarika spoke to Sam.

“Yeah. Will do”, replied Sam. He looked out of the plane’s window and could see the beautiful mountains. His thoughts wandered into those mountains and into his past life.

“So do you like the mountains?, questioned Madhu looking at the beautiful mountain picture on the wall of the Coffee Day shop.

Sam looked at the picture.. “ I prefer cities and beautiful girls to mountains” chuckled Sam.

Madhu also laughed. Sam and Madhu had been meeting every week after their first meeting. Sam wondered why Madhu had really wanted to meet today. He also had to tell her something important today. Something VERY VERY important!! He felt like a volcano which was about to burst from inside any minute, but Sam restrained himself and acted in a calm manner.

He spoke again, “What special about today?”

Madhu smiled at him. “It is my birthday today”

“Wow!! Many many more happy returns of the day..” spoke Sam trying to fool Madhu that he didn’t know about it. He knew that it was Madhu’s birthday and that is why he had made all arrangements and brought her here.

Sam winked at the waiter and he came to their table. The waiter had a big box in his hand. Sam winked again at Madhu. Madhu was very excited to see it.

“Open it”, spoke Sam.

Madhu opened and saw a small three deckered cake in that. On top of it was a beautiful girl sitting with a violin in her hand with her head slightly tilted. Madhu was all excited and she just looked at Sam with all gratitude. Sam winked again at the waiter. More tricks to follow.. thought Madhu. All the waiter came up to their table and as Madhu cut the cake and they sang happy birthday in chorus. After sometime, all the waiters went back to their work.

Madhu wanted to speak but her voice choked with emotions. Madhu finally spoke “I.. I want to thank you for all that you have done.. But I know no words can explain the happiness you have given me now.. I feel so so happy now..”

Sam listened to this and smiled. “What would you say if I were to tell you that I would want to give you this happiness all throughout your life?” Madhu looked startled. She regained her composure. Sam waited with bated breath for the answer.

“I have liked you from the first year of college.. I just cannot believe that it took so long for you to propose to me.. I LOVE YOU, Sam”

Sam took her hands into his.. “I love you too darling.. and I promise you that I will keep you happy all my life”. Madhu blushed..

“Happy all the time”.. Sam thought and smiled sarcastically at himself. He turned his head and could see Tarika reading a book. He really had no words to thank her for helping him go back home.

The 28 hour flight was pretty long journey. After helping Tarika pick up her bags, Sam turned towards the exit. He hadn’t informed his home about his arrival. He wanted to surprise them. But he got a big surprise when Tarika caught his hand and took him to a call taxi. She would not tell him where they were going. Sam intuition told him that he might be heading for more trouble. His troubled mind began thinking.. What is Tarika thinking about me? Hope she didn’t think bad about me when I collapsed.. but I don’t think she has thought bad about me.. else she would not be talking with me.. Sam’s thoughts paced hard as they both sat silently in the call taxi moving towards their destination.

Shekar was very disappointed with himself. He had made a big mistake. He had agreed to the marriage proposal for Madhu under pressure from Ganga. He had thought that sending Madhu to his brother’s home US for a month would help his daughter forget her past. But he was completely wrong. She had come back in week from US and was not speaking about her sudden arrival. She was becoming pale and thin day by day. All he wanted in his life was his daughter’s happiness and he knew he was not doing anything good to help her. He felt really guilty about himself.

His thoughts were disturbed by a phone call. He could hear Ganga picking up the call and suddenly she was shouting for him. He ran from his bedroom to the hall.

“Our girl.. our girl..” Ganga spoke as tried to catch some breath. She was completely tensed up.

“What happened to our girl?” asked Shekar.

“She.. She..”

“Speak up..”

“She has met with an accident and she has been admitted in ICU in Malar hospital”

Shekar dropped into the sofa putting his hands over his head. After five seconds he looked at Ganga. “Lets go..” He grabbed his car keys and rushed towards his car. Both Ganga and Shekar drove to the hospital, fully tensed up, not knowing what would have happened to their daughter. Shekar and Ganga tried to call to Madhu’s mobile. It kept ringing… and ringing..

On reaching the hospital, Shekar ran to the reception and enquired about any accident patients admitted in the last hour. Malar hospital was famous for attending many road accident victims and therefore the receptionist could not provide much information as there were many people who were admitted in the last hour in the ICU. Shekar and Ganga ran up to the second floor to enquire from the ICU receptionist.

Shekar spoke to the receptionist.. “My daughter.. aged 24.. we got a telephone call that she met with an accident and has been admitted in here.. can you please check your list?”

The receptionist quickly checked through admittance sheet and nodded her head n disapproval for any name called Madhu. Shekar spoke.. “Please check once again..”

The receptionist ran though the list once again.. Still there was no person admitted with Madhu characteristics. Shekar also checked through the list. Both Ganga and Shekar heaved a sigh of relief. Shekar then looked at Ganga and spoke, “Is it surely Malar hospital?”

A horrified look on Ganga’s face told the story. Shekar then quickly ran along with Ganga and they both visited all the major hospitals in Chennai. Not being able to find their daughter in any of the hospitals they came back home. On reaching home, Ganga picked up Madhu’s dress from her closet and hugged it and started crying. Shekar sat in another corner of the hall looking dejected.

Sam could sense something was wrong when the taxi screeched to a halt in a place familiar to him. He got out of the taxi and looked around and was horrified to see that they were standing right in front of Madhu’s home.

Sam turned around and gave a sharp glance at Tarika. “Where the hell have we come..? Do you know how much problem is going to happen now?”

Tarika calmly replied, “Nothing will happen. You come with me”

They took their baggage from the taxi and Madhu led Sam inside the front court yard and rang the main door bell. Sam was completely tensed up. All colorful butterflies were flying in his stomach. I am gone man.. My last rites will happen here soon..

Shekar opened the door and was surprised to see Tarika and Sam. He motioned them to come inside. On seeing Sam, Madhu’s mother jumped from her sofa and grabbed his shirt.

“Where is my daughter?” she shouted at him. Sam and Tarika had a bewildered look on their face.

Shekar tried to come in between Ganga and Sam.

Ganga shot an angry look at Shekar. Still holding Sam’s shirt.. she shouted again.. “What have you done to my girl? Where have you taken her? Why don’t you leave her?”

Her grip on Sam’s short loosened and she slowly slid to the floor and pleaded “Please give me back my child.. I am sorry for all the things I done to you.. Please give me my child…”, she begged.

Sam was astounded by the turn of events and he came back to his senses quickly and was about to reply when he heard a voice from behind. “What is happening here?”

All of them turned around to see Madhu standing at the doorstep. Ganga quickly got up on her feet and hugged Madhu and kissed her. Shekar too followed and hugged his daughter.

All of them settled in the hall and they all understood that the phone call was a hoax call. Ganga asked Sam to forgive her for what she had done and also for the way she spoke to him on the phone a few months back. But all of them were curious as to who would have done such a thing.

Shekar then looked at everybody and spoke. “I only asked my friend to give that hoax call” Everybody sat in the hall with stunned faces. Ganga could not believe that her husband would do such a thing. She finally recovered from that shock and asked “Why?”

“The reason is you, Ganga” Shekar spoke looking at Ganga.. “You.. your stubbornness.. you don’t know how much you have destroyed our girl’s life.. She does not smile.. she does not talk.. she has become a living dead..”

Tears streamed down Ganga’s eyes. Madhu looked at her dad in amazement. Shekar continued “I did this to make you understand the value of life.. to make you understand that love and life are more precious than your so called religion or caste..”. Tears started rolling down Madhu’s eyes also.

“This boy, Sam.. He loves her.. She loves him.. Who are we to stop them.. It is their life.. They have as much independence to lead their lives as we had..”

Madhu hugged her dad while Ganga looked down towards the floor. She was ashamed of what she had done. Shekar continued “I don’t want to hurt you Ganga.. But please.. for my sake.. let Madhu live her life and let her be happy”. Ganga stood up and came to Shekar and sat by his legs and put her head on his lap. She spoke in a cracked voice.. “I am sorry Shekar for causing so much problem.. Please forgive..” She cried once again.

Shekar was very happy at Ganga’s change of heart. He asked Sam to come closer and took Sam’s and Madhu’s hands and was about to bring them together when Madhu slipped her hand off and spoke “Appa, I don’t want to marry Sam anymore”

All of them were shocked. Sam was lost again. His weak body combined with the long journey and many shocks and amazements had made him little tizzy but he didn’t want to show his weakness and tried to stay calm and composed.

Madhu continued “He is not the guy I wanted in my life. He does not listen to anybody nor does he understand anybody’s feeling. I don’t want to live with him”. Sam heaved a sigh and turned his head away after listening to what Madhu had to say. An arrogant girl..

Shekar understood the ego problem between them. He quietly winked at Tarika to take them out to some place. Tarika took the car keys and caught Sam’s hands and led him towards the car. Shekar and Ganga caught Madhu’s hand and gently nudged her towards the car.

When all three of them sat in the car, Tarika spoke “So where do you guys want to go?” Getting no response, she drove to her favorite place, Coffee Day, Nugambakkam.
They drove in complete silence and reached their destination in 15 minutes.

On reaching there, Tarika pulled them out and made them sit next to each other in a corner seat. Both of them were not ready to look at each other. She looked up at them and spoke “I am giving you 5 minutes of time while I get some coffee for you.. that is all the time I can give you both before I come back and bug you..” She smiled at both of them and went off to the counter. She could see from the corner of eyes that they were still not talking. She whispered some words to the waiter. She then looked around to see somebody standing near the corner seat talking with Sam.

“Hey dude, when did you come back man? And you guys are back together? Wow!”, spoke Bharath.

“Just came today da.. How come you are here”, spoke back Sam trying to avoid any conversation that included Madhu.

“I was just driving around and I saw you guys. Great to see you both together after all that had happened”. Suddenly he heard a voice familiar to him. He turned around to see Tarika. HE FROZE!! Tarika smiled at him and hugged him. Bharath also hugged her. Sam and Madhu’s jaws dropped..

“I missed you so much.. I am so sorry that I left you..” continued Tarika. “I love you..” she spoke as she kept hugging him.

Sam collected himself and spoke.. “What is happening here? Bharath, do you know her?”

Bharath slowly released Tarika and spoke excitedly.. “Ya machi.. We loved each other in undergrad and we had a fight and she went away from me. This is the first time I am seeing her in 3 years. I am so sorry.. I should have told you about her before”

All the four of them sat down and Tarika could see that Sam and Madhu were smiling now. Tarika spoke to Sam, “If it had not been for you, I would have never wanted to come back to Chennai to meet Bharath.. When you collapsed on the floor screaming for Madhu , I understood your love for her.. At that point, I felt how badly Bharath must have missed me also.. So then I decided to come back for him”

Madhu eyes became moist. She looked at Sam and spoke “You cried for me?”. Tarika looked at Madhu and told her the whole story. After hearing the story, Madhu started crying. She held Sam’s hand and begged for forgiveness. Sam had a big doubt in his mind about the person who spoke to him when he had called her before. He asked her about it and she told him the story about how she had lost the mobile in the bus. All of them were laughing now. The waiter came near their table and put down a box on the table.

Tarika pushed the box towards Sam and asked him to open it. He opened and was very happy to see ‘Happy B’day’ written on it. “It’s a small gift for what you have done for me” Tarika winked at Sam.

Madhu hugged Sam’s arm and motioned him to cut the cake. Sam cut the cake and gave the first piece to Madhu. Bharath gave a piece of cake to Tarika also. Sam then looked at Madhu’s eyes. He had missed her for so long. Madhu felt all her joys returning back to her.

Sam then looked at the picture on the wall and spoke.. “Do you want to live with me in the mountains?” he joked.

“I will live in anyplace, if you are there with me” replied Madhu and smiled gently. Tarika and Bharath also smiled at them.

“And I will keep you happy forever!!” spoke Sam and hugged his angel and she was forever buried in his heart and in his arms.

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The Second Time..

(This story is a continuation of the 3rd part of the story. Please read the 1st 2nd and 3rd part also)

Part 1 - Unusual Train Story

Part 2 - Ultimate B'day Gift

Part 3 - Last Message

“Stop crying dear. He has just gone to US. Don’t worry. We will meet him soon”, consoled Shekar looking at his teary eyed daughter. Never had he seen his daughter cry so much in life. They drove back quietly to their home.

On reaching home, they were quite surprised that the hall lights were switched on. I had switched off the lights before I started to the airport.. Hope Ganga has not woken up.. She will create a big problem.. Shekar’s thoughts wandered randomly.

Shekar opened the main door and saw Ganga sitting in the sofa with her arms crossed. Madhu stopped crying after seeing her mom.

“Could somebody explain to me what is happening here?” questioned Ganga.

“Its nothing big.. I will explain in the morning...” explained Shekar, trying to calm things down.

“Tell me now..”, demanded Ganga.

Not seeing any options for escape, Shekar told her what had happened till now.

As soon as Shekar started speaking, Ganga’s eyes widened and she sat back upright.
She was completely awake from her sleep. Ganga was visibly shaken at the events that had happened. When Shekar finished, Ganga stared at Madhu and then looked back at Shekar and spoke, “Shekar, what has happened to you? What have you done? Did you really understand what you were doing? You did not bother to tell me anything..”

Shekar kept mum. Ganga turned towards Madhu and spoke, “Do you want me to live anymore?”

Madhu stared at her and tears rolled down her cheeks once more. “Amma..”, she started to reply. Ganga raised her hand. She spoke in a low voice to Madhu, “Just because I scold you a lot it does not mean I don’t understand you”. Madhu’s eyes lit up. Ganga continued, “But if you ask me what is more important to me.. my religion or my daughter, you know my answer.”

Madhu waited with bated breath for her mom’s decision. Ganga continued, “It’s my religion”, Madhu sunk back into the sofa. Shekar was unmoved. He had known Ganga for far too long to expect something different.

Ganga got up and spoke to both of them, “ I am telling you both about this one last time. If you want me to live, stop all this crap”. She looked at Madhu, “You don’t want me to die.. do you?”. Madhu nodded her head in disagreement. “Good then”, Ganga spoke.

She looked deep into Madhus' eyes, “You know I mean it..” and she went inside her bedroom and slept off. Madhu and Shekar tried to sleep but could not. Shekar hugged his precious child and they both slept off in the Sofa.

“Please put on your seat belts, the flight will take off in 10 minutes”. The airhostess voice disturbed Sam’s thoughts. Sam went back to his thoughts. Who is that guy who spoke in the phone. Will Madhu ever think about me.. She must be hugging her dolls and sleeping..

As the flight took off, Sam could see the lights, the roads and the beautiful river that criss-crossed his beautiful city. I miss you Chennai.. I miss you Madhu.. You will be forever in my thoughts and my soul..

Sam was exhausted after the 28 hour long journey. He joined a big queue at the immigration office.

“What your name?”, spoke the officer.

“Samuel Jackson”

Sam then completed all the enquiries and had his I 94 attached to his passport.

“So first time in US?”, questioned the officer.

“Yes Sir. I am going to miss my family”, replied Sam.

“Don’t worry young man.. You will be alright.. who all in your family?”

“Dad, mom, my sis Rebecca and Madhu”, replied Sam without thinking. Quickly re-thinking he said, “Just dad, mom and Rebecca”

The officer looked at him and smiled. “Good day Sir”

“Thank You”

Sam started towards the main exit. No signs of any person from onsite he wondered.

“Hi, What’s up dude?”, came a voice.

Sam turned back and saw Mr. Sundaram. He replied, “Hello sir, how are doing?”

“Good man.. Long flight?”, smiled Sundaram. He grabbed a bag and led Sam towards his car.

After about half an hour into the drive, Sundaram spoke, “So how are you finding the place?”

“It’s good sir, but very very cold. I am seeing the snow for the first time in my life.”

“You have come in the middle of winter dude. And please don’t call me sir.. call me Ram”

“Yes sir.. I mean.. yes Ram”

“Good. I have asked my associates for your accommodation. You can stay with them. I am married man.. no place in my home..”, chuckled Ram.

“That’s fine Sir.. I will be good”

The reached their destination and Ram stopped the car and got down. Sam also followed him. Ram introduced him to all the other employees staying in the home. Ram looked at Sam, “I know you are going to have a great time. Sleep and eat well. You should be at the office at 8 am sharp. No delays. Gotcha”. Ram waved good bye to everybody and left off.

“So Major Ram firing full shots now itself”, chuckled Vishal. Major.. he he.. All of them started laughing.

After a good night’s sleep and after having some good food, Sam went to his office the next day. His day went way too hectic. He had never done so much work in his entire stay at offshore. He got his mobile a week later and spoke with everybody at home. He called up Bharath and he froze when he heard the whole story. His eyes became moist.

He then called up Madhu’s mobile. Not being able to reach it, he called up her landline number.

“Hello, Is Madhu there?” spoke Sam.

“May I know who this is?” came a reply.

Recognizing Madhu’s moms’ voice Sam replied, “I am Sam. Aunty”

There was silence at the other end. “So you are the person for whom my daughter ran off..”. Ganga then hurled abuses at Sam. She started shouting again, “If you ever try to call my daughter, you will have me directly speaking with your mom and dad
and the police.. You got it?”

Sam just listened and then replied ,“Ok aunty” and hung up. There was one hell of bitterness in his heart. Even my mom and dad have not scolded me in decades. What a family.. dad, daughter and now mother.. everybody scolds me.. This is definitely the last time.. I will speak to any of them..

His days became even busier with lots of work from office. Being on 24x7 support is damn tough. But Sam liked it. It kept him away from his thoughts of Madhu and his home.

After 9 months at the New Jersey office, Sam was buried under tons and tons of work. The 16 hour work shifts coupled with no entertainment or good food slowly robbed him of all the excitement in his life. With each passing day, he was very desperate to meet his mom and dad. He tried hard not to think about Madhu but no matter how much ever he tried, he could not keep his thoughts away from his angel.. his soul.. He sometimes repented having taking such a stupid decision to leave Chennai.

It was a fine Monday morning and Sam sat half asleep in the meeting hall along with team mates. ‘Major’ Ram was giving instructions on their new assignment. They were missing their client who was supposed to attend that meeting.

Ram looked at his team and questioned, “Where is Adam? Any ideas?”

“I know sir. He has gone to meet Eve..”, came a joking reply. The whole team started laughing.

Sam was fully awake now and saw a beautiful girl sitting towards the left end of the table. Such courage.. to joke in front of the ‘Major’.. hmm.. cool..

“No jokes here”, came the reply. Ram smiled at her gently.

Soon after the meeting was over, Sam went up to that girl’s desk. “That takes a lot of courage to speak like that”, he spoke to the girl.

“Not much I guess”, came back the reply.

“I am Sam. I work for Answers Interactive project”, Sam extended his hand for a hand shake.

“Hey cool.. I am also assigned to the same team. My name is Tarika”
Tarika.. hmm.. good name.. good girl. Sam smiled at her and went to his desk.

Soon Tarika and Sam became good friends. She was also from TamilNadu and spoke Tamil. They bonded well and started roaming the city together, eating outside. Suddenly Sam seemed to enjoy life much more.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” questioned Tarika.

“Nothing yaar.. Just at home. Some special pooja” laughed Sam.

“I know about all your poojas. I am going to Nigara Falls tomorrow. You have to join me”

“Ok dude.. Done!!”

However Tarika had to change her plans and she called him up later at night and spoke, “Sam, my best friend is coming here from India. I have to pick her up from the airport tomorrow. So we will not be able to go to Niagara tomorrow. Is that ok with you?”

“No probs dude”

“Hey, do you want to join me for the drive to pick her up?”

“Yeah that should be fine. What time?”

“I will pick you up at 8 in the morning”

“8am .. too early.. but I will come”, Sam sighed.

“Common dude.. get up early and work more.. lazy guy”, taunted Tarika.

“Ok madam..” Sam laughed, “take care..bye..”

“Bye sweetheart”, came the reply.

They reached the airport at 9am. Sam was in really good mood and was cracking all sorts of jokes. Tarika requested Sam to get her a cup of coffee while she waited for her friend near the exit. Sam jogged to the nearest Barista, got some hot chocolate for himself and coffee for Tarika. He walked back to the place where Tarika was standing. Her friend stood a little far off calling somebody on a mobile with her back facing them.

“Here is your coffee..and hold mine too while I tie my shoelace”, Sam handed Tarika the two cups. Sam bent down to tie his shoelace.

“Sam, I want you to meet my best friend”, spoke Tarika.. and her friend turned back.. “She is Madhu.. and Madhu.. This is Sam.”

Sam looked up.. and was SCHOCKED!! Madhu.. his angel stood there.. right in front of eyes. I thought I had missed her forever.. I know God.. I know you are kind.. I know you will send Madhu to me somehow.. but what has happened to Madhu.. She is not the angel that I left off in chennai.. Why is she so pale and sick.. He just kept staring at her as Madhu stared back at him.

“Hello.. You guys know each other?”, interrupted Tarika.

“.. Nnn. No..”, Sam spoke as recovered from the shock of his life. “Where is the baggage?” Sam tried to change the conversation and picked up the baggage walked ahead. He could see from the corner of his eyes that Madhu was still staring at him.

He dropped them home. He was restless the whole day. He could not sleep properly at night. He got a call from Tarika the next day morning.

“Hey Sam, we are going to the Central Park. Want to join us?”

Sam thought hard. If I go Madhu will keep staring at me if I don’t then I will miss the last chance that god has given me to speak with her. I still love her. I have to go.. now or never…

“Yeah.. will join you guyz..”

Madhu and Tarika were sitting on the Central park bench. Tarika spoke, “What is the problem Madhu? You are a ghost of what I saw you last time. You don’t eat these days nor do you speak? What is your problem?”

“Nothing yaar. Mother is not feeling well.. That’s why..” her voice trailed off.

“Ok if you don’t want to say then fine.. oh there he is”

Madhu turned back to see Sam jogging in. He had two roses in his hand. Tarika grabbed the roses from him. “Thanks.. my man..”

Sam was speechless. He had intended to give each one a rose. He really could not do much when Tarika grabbed the rose from his hand. I hope Madhu does not get angry with me.. He kept quiet and and as expected Madhu got really angry with him.

“Oh.. come on fellas..”, Tarika jumped up.. “you guyz can keep staring as we walk”.

Tarika caught Sam’s hand and motioned Madhu to come. Madhu shot an angry glance at Sam. Sam wriggled out his hand. Tarika felt something was going on here. There is something between both of them but I am very sure that both of them will NOT tell me about it. I perhaps know what it is thought Tarika. She then caught Madhu’s hand and all three of them went for a walk. I am just not able to talk with her.. One chance and everything should be ok.. just one chance I need my lord.. thought Sam.

Sam could see Madhu talking on the phone with someone. He desperately wanted to know who she was talking to all the time. Could it be that guy who spoke to Bharaththought Sam.

“I am fine dad.. I am all ok with it.. I have some invitations here.. I will distribute.. Is mom alright? Take care”, Madhu hung up on her dad. Sam was not able to talk with Madhu with Tarika around all the time. After the walk, Sam reached his home while Madhu and Tarika went back to their home.

Sam could not work properly next week. Tarika was amazed as to how Sam had changed from a cool happy guy to a person who was always lost in deep thoughts. She invited him home the following Friday. Sam was happy that he would be able to meet Madhu and speak with her and tell her everything he wanted to tell her. He reached home and rang the door bell.

Tarika opened the door, “Come in Mr.Hero, want some tea?”. Sam nodded and went inside expecting to see Madhu.

“Where is your friend… Madhu?”, Sam questioned.

“She has left to India.. She came here for a small work..She has gone back”

Oh no!! not again.. Sam sunk back into the sofa and shifted his head back and closed his eyes in disappointment. He had lost his final chance. Tarika looked curiously at him.

“You OK?”, questioned Tarika.

Sam opened his eyes slowly and spoke, “Yeah..some tea please..”

Sam saw a yellow colored envelope lying on the table. He opened it and saw a brightly decorated card. He read it and his head started spinning fast.. “Madhu..”, he screamed and tried to stand up and then.. suddenly he fell flat on the floor..

Tarika rushed towards him and checked his heartbeat.. “Sam, you hear me??” She pressed her ears over his heart expecting to hear a feeble heartbeat, but she could not hear anything.. She took the card from Sam’s hands and read it ..“Madhu Weds Venkat”

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Last Message..

(This story is a continuation of the 2nd part of the story. Please read the 1st part and 2nd part also)

Part 1 - Unusual Train Story

Part 2 - Ultimate B'day Gift
“Take care ma”, smiled Amma looking towards Madhu.

“and you drop her and come back.. Don’t disappear with your friends”, reminded amma to Sam.

“Ok ma..”, replied Sam. “Chalo”, spoke Sam to Madhu.

Awesome day!! Pure Awesome..

“So what do I get as a gift for my ring”, winked Sam.

“Nothing that you want me to give..You naughty boy..”, smiled Madhu and they laughed off.

“Never do you come on time”, complained Madhu’s mom, Ganga.

‘Such a nice family.. Lovely sis and amma’.. Madhu thoughts went back to the day’s events.

“Hello.. Come back from the dream world..”, shouted Madhu’s mom. “Shekar, how did we get this in-disciplined girl to us.”

“Why ask me. You should ask yourself. How much your mom would have said the same thing!!”, chuckled Shekar.

“Oh! Shut up”, quipped Ganga.

Madhu smiled. She was still lost in her own world.

“Sunday mornings are always hectic. This girl and her dad are useless. I have to do all the job. And I don’t know what has happened to this girl.. Always lost in some thoughts. And this man keeps supporting her”, murmured Ganga under her breath.

“Ok listen. Anjana has called me for pradosham abhishekam at Mylapore temple. I am going. I have made some idlis. Eat them”

Getting no reply from her girl and dad, she shouted again, “You both listening?”

“Ya ya.. you go.. we will take care”, replied Shekar.

Madhu checked her watch. It was 9:30 am. She was so used to hearing her mom voice in her home that her home suddenly seemed so empty.

“Shall we eat?”, spoke Shekar.

“Ya pa. I will put the plates.”, rushed Madhu to help her dad.

Ganga never understands Madhu properly thought Shekar. Madhu is so good.

They both sat in the dining room to eat. They just started to eat when the door bell rang.

Appa pushed his chair back when Madhu spoke, “ Appa, you eat, I will see..”

Madhu opened the door and she froze.

“Hi Darling..”, murmured Sam.

“Who is at the door?”, spoke Shekar.

“Nothing pa. My friend..”, replied Madhu.

“What the hell are you doing here? Go back..”, murmered Madhu uneasily.

“Came here to meet my mamanar..”, smiled Sam.

“Who is at the door ma..”, spoke Shekar as he walked towards the door.

“It‘s my .. my friend appa.. Sam..”

“Come in pa.. Why are you standing outside”

Sam came in slow motion with his right leg and smiled at Madhu. I also know superstitious stuff..

‘Ithu veraya’ thought Madhu.

“You eating? Hot idlis pa.. very famous in my home. Madhu should have told you that”, spoke Shekar.

“No Uncle. She never tells me that. Did you cook this Madhu?”, teased Sam.

“Cooking.. Madhu....“, laughed her dad.

“Dad, you also joined him in teasing me”, whined Madhu.

“Sari.. Sari.. lets eat”, spoke Shekar. “Get.. what’s your name.. yes.. Sam.. a plate”.

They started eating. Sam liked the idlis. They were great.

“So how has your day come along, my boy”, spoke Shekar.

“I went to the Mass prayers and I just came by”, replied Sam.

Madhu was very happy that Sam and her dad got along so well. She was always worried about whether Sam would be a right fit into her home.

“Actually I want to speak with you one thing uncle..”. Sam looked at Madhu and then at her dad and he continued, “I love your daughter.. and I want to marry her..”

Madhu dropped the piece of idli that she had in her hand. Shekar paused for 5 seconds, stared at Madhu and started eating. Madhu bent her head down. There was tension all over the place.

“Uncle..”, started Sam again.

“Let us meet up in the hall”, intervened Shekar and he got up to wash his plates.

Madhu stared at Sam. She was damn angry. ‘He will never understand. Always in hurry’

All three of them sat in the hall. Sam smiled at Madhu while she was still staring at him.

“See Sam. I don’t know about you. Neither has my girl told me about you.”, spoke Shekar. He continued, “You know what problem we could face by this marriage. I am a realistic guy. I just have to tell you that this will not work out.”

Sam’s smile faded away. Madhu was also worried. Why are all the people in this world against inter-religion marriage..

“Appa, Sam is a very good guy pa”, spoke Madhu.

Shekar stared at her.

“I will keep Madhu like my princess, uncle. Please give me once chance. We can meet again and speak uncle”, spoke Sam trying to calm things down.

“How many ever times we meet,this is my decision”, announced Shekar. He continued,
“Sam, Can you do me a favor?”

“Yes uncle..”, replied Sam.

“Please don’t talk with her after this”, requested Shekar. He continued, “I think it’s time for you to leave..”. Shekar got up. Sam also followed. Madhu still sat and looked down in despair.

Sam looked at Madhu and then at Shekar and left the place.

“Let Ganga not know this. Too much trouble for her”, spoke Shekar and went inside the bedroom. Madhu just nodded her head.

“Unna yaruda anga po sonna. Periya hero va nee”, spoke Bharath angrily. Sam and Bharath had been best buddies for 20 years.

“Illa da.. I just wanted to speak. That fella would not even listen to my words”, quipped Sam.

“What do you expect him to do when somebody asks him his daughters’ hand. Will he say.. here is my daughter.. take her??”, shouted Bharath. He continued, “You always take decisions without asking anybody. Sari.. now what shall we do? You called Madhu?”

“I called her 25 times. She is not picking up the call”, spoke Sam sadly.

“Ok. Let us leave it at that. We will get back after two days. Don’t call her. Think about her situation also”

Sam pulled up his bike from the parking lot. The rain pelted hard on his raincoat. One kick. Two kicks.. What the hell.. why don’t you start up.. You are also giving me problems like Madhu and her appa.. And these rains .. always come at the wrong time.. who needs rains now.. One more kick.. vrrroomm.. Sam sped off to his destination.

There she is.. not picking my calls.. not smsing..

“Hi”, waved Sam as he reached the bus stop.

Madhu looked away in another direction. Sam parked his bike behind the bus-stop. This girl is so arrogant.

“Hi..”, spoke Sam, waving his hand in front of her.

“I don’t want to speak with you”, replied Madhu furiously.

The 12B bus screeched as it came to halt. Madhu got into it. Sam turned back to start his bike. He then paused, took the bike keys from the bike and jumped into the bus as it was about to take off.

Madhu looked surprised to see Sam. He looked at her and stared.

“Enga poganum”, spoke the conductor to both of them.

“Two tickets.. K.K.Nagar..”, spoke Sam.

“One ticket for me to K.K.Nagar”, spoke Madhu as she handed the conductor the change.
Sam just stared at her.

Madhu went to the first seat and sat. It was all wet inside the bus. Sam walked up front and stood beside her. The bus stopped at a signal. Sam bent down to Madhu and spoke, “I am sorry. If that is what you want to hear. We will speak with your dad”, assured Sam.

Madhu just stared. “You will never understand”, she replied.

“What don’t I understand? Explain to me..”

“Who asked you to come yesterday?”

“I was going home after Sunday mass and just passed by your home”

“Who prays at Velachery and passes through K.K.Nagar to go to T.Nagar?”, quipped Madhu.

“Sari ok. What should I do now?”, questioned Sam.

“Just go away!!”, shot back Madhu.

What the hell.. I am speaking so politely and she is speaking like this..

Sam turned back and jumped out of the bus at the next stop. Tears started rolling down Madhu’s eyes and she bent down and cried. Sam walked back to his bike. Frustrated and angry, he decided that he would never speak with Madhu again.

“So you are going now?” questioned Bharath.

“Ya da.. Project manager putting tons of pressure.. I have to go”, replied Sam.

“You directly say na.. that you are going because of your fight with Madhu. Why drag your PM into this?”

“You can say whatever you like, but I am definitely going”

“Did you call her after that?”

Sam started at Bharath and looked down. “Ya da, two times.. she will not pick up any of my calls.. I guess.”

“You are lying machan..”

Sam dialed Madhu’s number and gave the mobile to Bharath. Madhu’s mobile rang. Bharath spoke up then, “Hello..”. He got shocked to hear a young male’s voice on the other end. The call then got cut. Both Bharath and Sam were shocked.

“I don’t know what is going on here da.. But something is seriously wrong.. Sari what date are you leaving?”

“31st December”, replied Sam.

‘All bad things happen fast’ Madhu’s thoughts raced fast.

“Give me your mobile. I want to make an urgent call to Kalyani’s mom..”, spoke Ganga.

“Amma I lost my mobile”, replied Madhu. “Lost it into the bus yesterday.”

Ganga started scolding Madhu. Madhu was lost in the sea of words.

‘It has been about 3 weeks and Shekar hardly speaks with Madhu’ thought Ganga.

“How is dinner?”, questioned Ganga to both of them at the dinner table.

No replies from dad or her girl.

“Is anybody dead here?”, questioned her mom again.

Madhu left her chair and washed her plates and went inside her bedroom.

“What has happened to this girl?”, spoke Ganga to Shekar.

“I will tell you everything later da..”, replied Shekar.

‘Ah!! Why are the lights still on.. what time is it.. 2am.. what is anybody doing at 2 am at night’ thought Shekar as he came out into the living room.

He saw Madhu sitting in front of the pooja room with her eyes closed. Tears rolled down her eyes. She spoke with eyes closed, “forgive me lord, I have pained my dad a lot”.

Tears rolled down Shekar’s eyes. He sat next to his daughter and touched her head and gently laid it on his chest. Madhu hugged him and sobbed.

“So when is he going to US?”, questioned Shekar.

“Today..In 1 hour..”, replied Madhu.


“Yes pa”

“Ok. Get dressed. We will meet him now..”,

Madhu was startled. “But amma…”

“I will take care of her..”, replied Shekar.

They reached the airport in half an hour. There was heavy security and nobody was allowed to go into the boarding area. Madhu looked around desperately searching for Sam. She saw Bharath. She asked him where Sam was and Bharath motioned towards Sam entering the boarding terminal. That was the last she saw of him.

Madhu started crying again. Bharath gave her an envelope.

Madhu saw the words “Last Message” written on it. She hurriedly opened it. She found a sheet of paper and read it. She fell down to her knees.

Shekar gently grabbed the paper from her hands. It read, “Bye.. Forever..”
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ultimate B'day Gift..

(This story is a continuation of the first part.)

Part 1 - Unusual Train Story

“Eat well da.. don’t hurry up while eating”, advised mom. How does she know my probs.. If I am late by even 1 minute, Madhu will eat me up..

Sam checked his watch.. it was 9:30 am. He had to meet Madhu at 10 am at Coffee Day. It was a special day.. second anniversary of their relationship. He check his pocket to see his precious gift. It was there .. safely in his jeans. Hope she likes it man.. I don’t know whether girls like gold rings.. They like those platinum ones with all 9 types of gems on them.. huh!

“Bye ma..”, shouted Sam from the front door.

“Where are you going?”, queried amma.

“Why do always have to ask the question at the front door?”, questioned Sam.

“Sorry pa.. Just wanted to know.. Sari.. Come in.. have some water and go..”, replied his superstitious mom. She always does this.. man.. Madhu’s is surely gonna kill me..

He went outside and started his Pulsar 220 bike. He loved this one. ‘Got it specially for her’..

I hope this starts off.. One kick and he was off.. Man, its gonna take me one hell of a time.. God, help me one time.. clear the traffic and I will definitely come for Sunday morning prayers.. it’s a deal!! Plzz..

Thankfully for him no traffic on the streets.. Vrroom.. He sped on..

“Would you want anything, mam?”, politely enquired the waiter.

“I am waiting for my friend.. he should be in here anytime”, replied Madhu.

“And there he is”, spoke Madhu looking at the door.

Sam swung open the door of Coffee Day shop. He could not help but feel the chillness on the door handle. I love the December climate..

“Hi Babes, Happy Birthday!!”, waved Sam as she saw his angel sitting in the corner seat.

“Late again”, came the reply.

“No da.. heavy traffic..”, replied Sam as he dragged the chair back to sit down.

“You should have started early.. and please don’t tell me what your mom spoke to you at the door.. Not again”

“Sari.. Sorry.. My mistake.. I apologize.. Okies?”

“Hmm.. You wanted to tell me something na..”, queried Madhu.

“Ya da.. I had this horrid dream..”. Sam could not help but wonder why Madhu’s was so worried. I have not even started the story and she already looks worried..

“But before that.. tell me.. why are you worried?”

“illa da.. Nothing much.. nee sollu..”, replied Madhu.

Sam touched her hands. He held it and spoke calmly. “Enna da matter?”

“Hmm.. I wanted to tell you about this for a long time. I never had the courage to ask you”, spoke Madhu hurriedly.

Sam thoughts were running rapidly. His brain had started the long list of permutations and combinations of what the matter could be.

Madhu continued.. “See da.. I am a Hindu and you are a Christian. I hope you inform about me to your parents soon da.. So that they agree..”

Sam left her hands and laid back on his chair with his head looking up. The sense of DÉJÀ VU hit him pretty hard. What the hell.. this seems to be so much like my dream man.. pochu da machi.. she is gonna go away.. Sam’s stomach began churning and his brains began thinking at break neck speed.

“Did I say something wrong da?”, queried Madhu.

“Hmm.. No da.. Just wondering..”, replied Sam. “It is very tough da.. You know about appa..”

“You have to decide fast Sam. Time is definitely not on our side”

“Illa ma.. You have to understand from my perspective. Dad will kill me if I tell now. Give me some time. I have just started working”

“You have been working for two years, Sam” retorted Madhu. “Sari, you take your own sweet time. You will definitely not listen to me. Ok.. Tell me about what you had to say..”

Sam’s heart began beating fast. What does he have to say now. It was all his dream replaying in front of him. “I.. I got this strange dream that.. that.. you had gone to Swiss and I am driving my Pulsar from Chennai to Swiss to search for you.”

“What crap dream is this? Always thinking about your bike and swiss mountains.. Not about me..”

Nalla samalicha machi.. great escape..

“You want something to eat”

“I am hungry, oru paneer tikka pizza sollu… and Fanta”

“ok nga madam.. intha ponnunga pasanga sothae aichuduvaanga..”. Madhu laughed.

“Will be back in 5 minutes”

Madhu saw Sam standing at the end of a long queue. She could see so many couples sitting all over the place. She wondered why all the lovers had chosen Saturday morning as their meeting time. ‘Enga ponnalum crowd than pa’

She sat back and wondered whether what she had told Sam was correct or not. She wandered into her own thoughts. Her mom’s words played all over her head.

“Kalyani should NOT have done this. What is her husband name.. Jaffer.. Fahad.. Whatever it is.. Can’t she get a good person in our religion? Why does she have to do this ”, spoke Madhu’s mom angrily.

“Don’t start it all over again. You have discussed this more than kalyani’s mother.. Now let our girl study.. Don’t disturb her..”, replied her dad.

“Illa Shekar.. These girls nowadays never listen to their parents.. in their own world.. You just see Neeya Naana program and you will how much parents suffer because their children run away and marry someone..”

“Ganga.. vidu ma.. Our daughter will not be like that.. Sari Sari.. What is for dinner?”

“Epdiyo ponga.. You and your daughter”

“Enna madam.. dream world aa”, spoke Sam. “Ithanga pa unga pizza..”

“Thanks..” quipped Madhu.

“Cooking theriyuma..?”, joked Sam.

“You only have to cook for me.. Panna matiya.. Darling”

“Sure dude.. anything else that this servant can do for you?”, replied Sam. They both had a hearty laugh.

“I was thinking about this thing pa..”, spoke Madhu

“What again?”, questioned Sam.

“What will your dad say when you tell him this matter? Periya Problem aa?”, interrogated Madhu.

“Back again to square one.. We will think about it.. No tension.. Now eat before it becomes cold”, replied Sam.

I am definitely dead man. Don’t know how these stupid dreams become reality sometimes. Now I have to think carefully and fast..

“What is the hot news da..?”, spoke Madhu

“Anything with me and Asin is always a hot news”, joked Sam.

“Poda..”, laughed Madhu.They spoke for half an hour.

“Polama.. I have to do some diwali shopping with amma..”, spoke Madhu.

“Chalo.. let me drop you..”, replied Sam.

“Illa da.. I will go myself.. Don’t worry..”

Not again.. my dreams are playing itself out here..

“Illa da.. I also have to get some petrol for my darling bike”, joked Sam.

They both sat together with Madhu covering her head with duppatta. All girls are the same..

“Polama.. “.. She nodded and they sped off.

“Where are you going?”, questioned Madhu.

“Your birthday gift is waiting for you”, replied Sam.

Madhu didn’t have a good feeling of what was coming. She hated surprises.

Sam stopped at a beautiful home which was painted in white and blue. A huge Jesus picture hung on the outside. Madhu had guessed it right and she didn’t like it. Sam had brought her to his home.

“Come in da..”, spoke Sam.

“No da. It’s wrong timing.. No Sam”, replied Madhu in a hurry.

“Trust me and come. Only my sis is in there da. Parents have gone out”, lied Sam.

He caught her hand and they moved into the building. Madhu made sure she stepped in with her right leg. One more person trusting in these beliefs. No relief for me..

Sam rang the bell. A person in mid-forties wearing a half sized t-shirt opened the door. Madhu Froze.

“Hi appa.. This is Madhu..”, spoke Sam.

“Come in..”, welcomed dad.
I hope dad accepts.. One more deal God.. A big one.. I will come on all Sundays to church.. Help me.. plz..

Rebecca, Sam’s sister and his mom joined them in the hall.

“Amma, Reb, this is Madhu”, spoke Sam.

“Hi”, spoke Madhu meekly.

Ok Sam.. You have to do it now.. come on.. don’t think.. just speak..

“I want to say a important thing to everybody. I love Madhu and I am going to marry her”. Sam dropped the bomb-shell.

Amma sunk into the sofa while Dad and Rebecca stared at him.

“Why did….”, Amma started to speak. “Wait!”, Dad thundered.

“Come with me”, Dad caught his hands and pulled him into the bedroom. DÉJÀ VU.. Amma also followed them staring at Madhu. Rebecca kept staring and Madhu just about managed to stand there without passing off. She was praying to all her Deivams.

Both Rebecca and Madhu heard a violent conversation. After 20 minutes, Dad, Sam and Amma emerged from the bedroom.

Dad spoke.. “Welcome to the family!!”.. DÉJÀ VU..

Sam froze. He thought he was going to lose Madhu. His dreams flashed rapidly in front of him.

Sam looked at Madhu and spoke, “You want to say something.. Like you are married?”

Madhu looked dumbfounded. “What? What are you speaking?”

“You love me right. You will marry me, right?”

“Of course I will. What kind of a question is that?”

Sam then explained his dream that he had last night and everybody had a great laugh. Rebecca nearly fell down on her sofa laughing. Amma and appa smiled and Madhu blushed.

“Ok everybody. Special lunch for you all”, spoke amma.

“Before that I have to give something to Madhu”, spoke Sam.

And he took out his beautiful ring, knelt down and took Madhu hands gently and put the ring on her hand. Madhu hugged him and cried. Appa and amma quietly slid to the kitchen while Rebecca gave a huge hug to her Anni.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Unusual Train Story..

“There it is”, shouted mom.

Sam could hardly hear his Mom’s voice in the sea of noise all around. Sam looked in the direction where his mom had mentioned and noticed it. It seemed to him that all the people in the platform were running towards it. He looked up and saw Dadar Express standing on platform 4. The train would start in half an hour and they had a ton of things to carry.

“You two carry the lighter red bags and let us carry these heavy suitcases”, marshaled his dad.

Sam just nodded his head. He was feeling guilty for creating this situation. Dad had mentioned that they would start 2 hours early. Sam had come late from office. Even though they had hurried up to the station, it was still late. Dad must be very angry with me. Sam was lost in these thoughts.. when he heard his dad shout again.. “Move up fellas”.

Rebecca looked up and spoke “Bro, stop your day dreaming and help me”.

Sam quickly came back into this real world and helped his sister with the baggages. He loved her a lot and he didn’t want his sister to leave him. He was very sad when she told him that she had to leave to Mumbai to pursue her higher studies. To his surprise, his mom and dad also decided to shift to Mumbai to stay with her.

After loading all the bags into the train he thought, These bags are so heavy.. why does she have to go to Mumbai. Aren’t there good universities here.. Sam’s thoughts ran back and forth again. His thoughts were again interrupted by his mother voice. He looked at his mom.

“Get us some tea...”, spoke his mother, “ he is always into his dream world.. God knows how he is going to survive without us..”.

She looked at Rebecca, “All because of u. Don’t know why these girls never listen to their parents nowadays. You should have applied here to the unverities here. Poor Sam”

Rebecca didn’t want a conversation on this and turned her head to look at the people in the station. She had thought long and hard about it. She was definitely going.. to the land that never sleeps.

Mom spoke again, “kanna, no need for tea.. come and sit next to me”.

Sam felt much better listening to this and took the window seat next to his sis. Meanwhile Rebecca saw a person whom she had seen before with her brother.

“Anna look there”, shouted his sis. Sam turned to see in the direction that his sis had mentioned. His heart sank. Oh no.. is that real? I cannot believe it.. Sam sat there looking stunned.

“What is up there?”, asked amma. “Nothing amma”, spoke sam and got out from the train.

She still looks so gorgeous .. my angel.. Sam thought. He glanced at her. Her beautiful sleeveless yellow chudi with blue dupatta didn’t miss his eye. Sam quickly got down the train, went upto her and spoke nervously, “Hi”.

She didn’t speak, but just gazed at him.

“Hi Madhu”

She didn’t say anything. She took his hand into hers and looked at him. Her eyes were getting moist. “I am sorry”, she muttered.

I just cannot believe this.. His mind went into the hazy past relationship they had had. It was final year at their college and Farewell party was in full swing.

“You should tell her today machan. Come on dude.. You can do it”, encouraged Ravi.

Sam wanted to propose to this damsel, Madhu, but could never gather enough courage to speak to her. He went near the food counter where she was standing. How gorgeous.. Sam thought. Senthil came up from no where and spoke with her. Ah!! Senthil again Sam’s heart sank.. I am never going to do this.. He turned back and picked up a can of Sprite.

“So today is the last time we gonna meet, right?”

Sam turned back and WOW!! Madhu stood there in her beautiful white sari. My Angel..

“Umm.. hi..” muttered Sam gathering all his courage.

“Yeah, lassst day..”, his hands already started sweating.

“So when can we meet again?”, questioned Madhu.

Was he hearing it right? Was she calling him for a date?

“Anytime, Anywhere”.. a nervous reply.

“Right then, Coffee day, Nugambakkam, Saturday 10 am.. Chalega?”..

“Yeah”.. stuttered Sam. She turned and left. He just could not believe what just happened. His head was spinning. He jogged back and hugged Ravi.

“Machi.. machi.. u know what happened da…”.. Ravi’s eyes lit up.

Sam glanced at his watch. It was 10:15 am. She won’t turn up I guess. I guess it was just a joke. Shit man. I should have known it. I knew Senthil was upto something.. Let me catch that guy and he will repent for it.. And Madhu.. why does she have to do all this.. Sam was just about to leave.. when his angel came in..

“Hi, I am sorry, waiting for a long time?”, queried Madhu.

Sam cooled down, “yeah, waiting from yesterday night” . They both laughed.

They both picked up from there and soon he proposed to her on Dec 7th, her birthday and their relationship went for two years before they met at the same Coffee Day to celebrate their second anniversary of meeting up for their first date.

“So when you going to tell your dad about us”, questioned Madhu.

“Have patience dear… Marriage is a long way off..”, assured Sam.

“So you are not going to tell them now. You just forget that your dad would never want a Hindu girl as his daughter-in-law”. Madhu was worried and Sam sensed it.

“No da.. Not like that. I will speak with appa and he will agree”

“When da.. when.. I am tired of this reply. I don’t want to love now and repent later. Clear up everything fast”

“You got to have patience dear.. Don’t know how you gonna lead a life with me.. without patience”, laughed Sam.

Madhu wasn’t impressed and spoke “Ok, gotto go, cya later”

“What’s the hurry.. I will drop you”, assured Sam.

“No da.. I will go by myself”, Madhu got up and left.

There is something wrong here. He was in for a shock when she didn’t pick his calls, changed her home and JUST LEFT FROM HIS LIFE… He was broken. .. COMPLETELY..

“It all that fella, senthil machi.. Avana..”, spoke Ravi angrily. “Illa machi, I am only to blame..”, quipped Sam.

The train in the next platform screeched to a halt.

“Sam.. Sam.. You listening?“ Sam came back from his thoughts. She continued, “I am so sorry da.. I should not have done this. I heard that you are going forever to Mumbai. So came here to see you”

Sam could hardly hear her words in the noise all around. But he understood what she spoke and the last thing he wanted to tell her was that it was his parents and sister leaving to Mumbai. She came close to him and said, “bye..” and kissed him on his cheek. She turned to leave.

You are not going to leave her.. are yo?. Sam held her hand and hugged her. I luv her man..

“Who is this?”, thundered a booming voice.

“Appa, she is.. she is.. Madhu appa..”, Spoke Sam, quickly leaving Madhu’s hand.

“What? What is her name”, thundered appa again.

“Ya.. Madhu, appa”, Sam quivered. He looked on the side to see his mom and sis alight from the train.

Dad looked at mom and spoke, “You know about this?”. Mom nodded her head in ignorance.

“Ok Sam. Come with us to Mumbai. You will not be right here..”, commanded Dad.

“No Appa.. I want to live with her”, spoke Sam in a low voice.

“Come with me”, spoke Dad. They moved aside and Madhu could see a heated conversation. They came back and appa spoke slowly, “Welcome to our family!”. Madhu looked concerned.

“You happy?” queried Sam looking at a very concerned Madhu.

“Sam.. I have to tell you something.. I.. I am married”, quipped Madhu.

Sam head started spinning and he dropped down on the floor.

Triing.. Triing.. What the hell.. the phone rang.. Sam woke up.. Oh my god!! Just a dream.. huh.. whose this.. Madhu..

“Hey, wazzup?”, muttered Sam rubbing his eyes.

“10 am, coffee day.. don’t forget.. you stupid”, came the answer. “You remember our second anniversary.. right??” , questioned Madhu.

“Yeah.. gotto a horror story to tell you da.. Scared me to death..”, laughed Sam.

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